A downloadable Educational Simulation for Android

This is not really a game. It's a Museum Exhibit! If virtual reality and old timey photography interest you AT ALL I think that you might like what I have here.

What's in the Missouri History Museum Virtual Reality app is a somewhate "lite" version of the Capturing the City exhibit that was once in the Missouri History Museum in St.Louis. I'm not working on it as much nowadays, but the original intention behind this kind of app was to have different kinds of Museums and historical information available to anyone with a smart phone, and a penchant for enjoying Virtual Reality.

As it is now there's only an apk for Android. I might get this to iOS as some point but it's a lot more likely that I'll only have this mobile version and a PC version in the future.

Install instructions

In order to run this app you need to have an android device with an accelerometer, gyroscope and graphical processing that is not well... potato.

If you haven't already, go through your phone's permissions to allow third party applications on your androidsmart phone to download. Installing is as simple as tapping on the apk and "Install".


MHMVR v0.01.apk 185 MB

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