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My entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam!

Obviously a bit rough around the edges, what started ot as simple gameplay design strategy turned into a rough prototype for simple dungeon generation! 

Battle your way through hell against 3 different demon types!

There's a catch though... you have no real weapons! Only your trustee belt!
 Wranlge demons with your belt and fight fire with fire (Or demons with demons, rather)

Instructions for play:

Sorry but I only had enough time to configure controls for your typical xbox/logitech pc controller!
Use the left stick to move and the right stick to aim. Otherwise the only other control is the right trigger. That will grab enemies within range. After you've grabbed an enemy if you let go you automatically throw them...

That's about it!

Additional Information:
Don't have a repo available, but all the assets aside from music, and sounds the cool burning fire affect I'm using everywhere and the engine itself, everything was built by me while collaborating with Captain Lumey! Who doesn't do game development, but happens to be related to me and came up with the main theme and setting for the game!


BeltExorcist.zip 37 MB

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