A little game made for Pastel Jam. Paint a path to travel further and reach a higher score! When playing the browser, you click and drag to paint and right click to use paint thinner and erase all your paint.

--A little update after the end of the jam to fix a bug that made some successfuly passes fail when going down.

Install instructions

A WebGL build and some changes to the tutorial should make it more understandable.
Also you can download it and play it on the go as an apk if you have made changed your app permissions.


AzureWatercolor.apk 23 MB


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Very sorry that updates for this haven't been as speedy as promised. There should be a slightly better build of this game for web some time in the next few days.

I really struggled to work out what I was supposed to do. I did manage a score of 1 but I have no idea how.

I'm really sorry to hear about that. I tried to make things short and sweet in the written tutorial, but I suppose that wasn't enough. When I update the package to be playable on other platforms, it will include a clearer tutorial.

Thank you for the valuable feedback

Do you have a non-Android build?

Not at the moment but I'll work on making one at some point this week and I'll let you know!